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December 25, 2009

Happiness, busy-ness, stillness, and peace — from Muddy Ford

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All the members of the Boiter-Jolley clan enjoy the luxury of a happily busy life.  We’ve always been that way, even when Annie & Bonnie were little girls and their days were spent in ballet and orchestra and book club and t-ball, etc.  Now, as adults, they are busier than ever, just like me and Bob.   For us, sleep has always been something that we surrendered to — our beds seldom seeing us before 2 am.  There is just so much to do in the world — so much to see and enjoy — life doesn’t give us enough hours — we are forced to cheat time whenever we can.

But there are two days out of the year that we deemed sacred many years ago — days when we wear our pajamas all day and when the term busy just doesn’t apply.  Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  On these days, the world doesn’t matter — there is an invisible force field between the Ford and the rest of civilization.  We eat when we’re ready — we wear what feels comfy — we do whatever we want.  It is nothing less than joyous and we have observed this special ritual of removing ourselves from the world on these two days for many, many years now.

But I don’t take it for granted.  My little girls have grown to women now.  One of them is in love and sharing a home with a beautiful boy.  The other will soon be out in the world, who knows where, sharing her gifts with a larger and unknown audience.  I am keenly aware of how lucky we have been to have kids who loved the home they grew up in as much as we loved watching them grow there.  But I am equally aware that someday soon, maybe even this year, the four of us will rise on Christmas morning for the last time as a family unit.  I don’t let myself think too much about the years gone by of footie pajamas and cookies left out for Santa, the letters left by the fireplace, the magic we had the pleasure of making once our girls were sleeping soundly in their beds.  Time is a mean and beautiful and hateful thing.  Sometimes it is best to just ignore it.

Because we have this year, this day — and it is glorious — I wish all of you a happy day of realizing the many beauties of your life — wherever you may find them.  Shut the world out if you can — immerse yourself in only the things that are meaningful to you.  Enjoy yourself.  Play.  If old traditions don’t work for you anymore — abandon them and make new ones.  Cultivate your own sense of happiness and peace.  It’s what we’re here for.

Merry Christmas from the gang at Muddy Ford.


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