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March 19, 2009

A reason to whine in wine country

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And there you have it — precisely the reason my blog is called The Reluctant Writer — I haven’t written for it in weeks and, truth be known, haven’t written much of anything during that time other than lectures and exams.  Most of my creative energy was spent during the end of February and beginning of March preparing for a much awaited wine trip to California.  This being my year of wine (as in wine and whine) in celebration of my 50th birthday, Bob and I decided to kick the season off with an intense study and tasting of California’s wine country.  Eight days criss-crossing Napa and Sonoma as we sipped our way both to Nirvana and, hopefully, a working knowledge of what has become one of the finest wine regions in the world.   Sounds great, huh?  The weather was perfect, the prices were low, the mustard was fully in bloom.  What could go wrong?  

I could take one wayward step off a curb and end up in a Napa Valley ER with both a broken toe (the big one) and a broken nose, is all.  Poor Bob — he was trying to get a break from the ER!

I can’t complain much though — I’ve been blessed in life with good health and no prior broken bones other than the occasional pinky toe.  But fighting the damper these injuries  placed on our plans took a lot of energy.  My silly tumble took place the second day of our trip.  We’d had a glorious day which started off with a couples mud bath in a Calistoga spa, and was followed by visits to Schramsberg (awesome bubbles) and Krug before we checked into our B & B, an old Queen Anne Victorian called the McClellan – Priest House in downtown Napa.  We had made dinner reservations to eat at Angele before leaving SC, having heard that the food was amazing — and we weren’t disappointed.  The best scallops I’ve ever tasted, not to mention their Thursday night policy of making every bottle of wine on the menu half price!  We chose a Rubicon 2005 Cask Cab and enjoyed every drop of it at the reduced rate of $60.

I know what you’re thinking — but no, the Rubicon was enjoyed slowly over the course of a meal which lasted several hours.  So by the time I took my tumble, I barely had enough buzz on board to even help dull the pain.

Having been pronounced broken, I spent the next week negotiating the wineries with a face that looked like a bi-polar mood ring as my bruises morphed through the colors of the rainbow, and a big toe that was suddenly enormous.  I wore one shoe and one flip flop and tried my best to blend in with the bottles of wine.  Since I knew no one other than Bob, it wouldn’t seem that I would need to make many excuses for my appearance.  But that assumption proved unfounded.  Everywhere I went people asked me what happened, and they did so with what impressed me as genuine concern.  It felt nice.

Which makes me remember that I did do a little writing while flying back from San Francisco — I wrote an essay about the experience of having a broken nose in wine country.  I guess even a broken nose is good for something.


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  1. I really want to make a success of my blog – at least for an interchange of ideas common to baby boomers, whether it be fears, hopes, dreams, lost loves, etc. Hopefully something positive will leap out at me given the fact that I was just laid off. My entire company shut its doors. I want to write an e-book “Behind Closed Doors – Dark Secrets of a Treatment Center.” I think it would be a good read. Don’t know a thing about writing ebooks and hope that someone in cyberspace does and will offer solicted suggestions.

    Comment by sybilleruth — March 19, 2009 @ 03:12

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